An Artist’s Self Portrait

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There comes a time or two in every artist’s life where he or she needs to create a self portrait. In many ways a self portrait is really the hardest thing to do as there is so much added pressure to represent yourself in a way that makes you happy. Problem is, as an artist you are not only your […]

Heart of the Flyers: Claude Giroux

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For anyone who knows the Philadelphia Flyers or NHL hockey in general, I don’t think I need to go into a lot of detail as to why I picked Claude Giroux as my latest subject. In each of his first three seasons he has shown flashes of greatness as he has grown into a seasoned […]

The Ryan Express – Texas Rangers’ Nolan Ryan

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Just finished my latest painting of Texas Rangers Hall of Fame Pitcher Nolan Ryan “The Ryan Express”. Some of you who know me or my work know that I am an artist living in the Philadelphia area and although I do branch out into other cities & teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, my work does […]

My Latest Painting:
Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson

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I just finished my latest painting of Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson. Why DeSean? Well, living in the Philadelphia area I have not only felt it was necessary to do an image of a current Eagle but I have had a lot of requests to do one. After all, to date the only Eagle painting […]

My Latest Painting:
Philadelphia Phillies 2010 NL Cy Young Award Winner Roy Halladay

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Just wanted to share a blurb about my latest image of Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay. In just one amazing year as a Phillie, Roy Halladay has cemented himself as not only one of the greatest pitchers in the Philadelphia Phillies’ long history but maybe one of the greatest athletes in Philadelphia’s sports history. In his […]

Hello Mr. President!

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Well, of course part of my intention of starting this blog was to shamelessly plug and promote various things I might be selling. More often than not it will be my artwork but in this case it is my Zazzle shop. Instead of simply giving you all the old “I just posted this, hope you […]