My Interview With Flyers Faithful

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FlyersFaithful_BannerI was recently contacted through Twitter by, a great fan site dedicated to the Philadelphia Flyers. After seeing my work and reading a little about my experiences and history with the Flyers, they asked me to grant an interview for their site.

 Although I am not one who enjoys talking about myself, I am also not one to turn away free publicity so of course I happily obliged.

 The interview was conducted and written by Jim Hasson. Jim asked a lot of great questions which maybe for the first time, had me tracing my career path as an artist as it pertained specifically to the Flyers. This journey as both an artist and Flyers fan really goes back as far as I can remember, so the fact that both interests have intertwined professionally is not all the surprising. An artist should always paint what inspires him and as an aspiring hockey player myself growing up, I was inspired by this team, it’s players and their hard nosed work ethic.

David E Wilkinson (9) with Flyers 1980

David E Wilkinson (9) with Flyers 1980. Nice Pants!

 I really enjoyed the experience and felt honored that they would choose to interview me. Thank you Flyers Faithful for the opportunity and sharing my story with your fans.

 Here is a link to the article titled “David Wilkinson: Bringing Sports Memories to Life

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