From Ace to “Mase”
A Painting with a Purpose

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Each spring for the last five years my wife and I have attended The Salt Shaker Foundation‘s annual fundraiser. I first became familiar with “Salt Shaker” back in 2008 when I reconnected with an old high school friend on Facebook who was one of their board members. He saw some of the sports art I […]

Hey Doll! Helping "Linda From Mayfair"

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On May 9th 2011 Glen Macnow, Anthony Gargano and the rest of the generous folks at 94WIP (Formerly 610WIP) along with Chickie & Pete’s held a fundraising even for a regular caller known as “Linda from Mayfair” who is battling breast cancer. The event was held at the Chickie and Pete’s location on Roosevelt Blvd. […]

2011 Salt Shaker Foundation Charity Event

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Last night I had the pleasure to attend and contribute a canvas print of my Roy Halladay image to the Salt Shaker Foundation’s silent auction at their annual charity fundraising event. This marked the sixth year of the annual event and the second year I have attended and contributed a piece of my art in […]

So Where Have I Been?

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When I started this blog I was given the good advice that in order to be successful at it I needed to be consistent. Well, easier said than done. That was certainly my intent but doing so has proven to be somewhat difficult for me. As a full time freelance artist, I am usually at […]

My Artistic Journey Though Computer History

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Computers, they are hard to avoid or even live without these days. They are all around us from our desktop to our pockets and just about all of us know how to use them on some level. I am guessing you are even using one to read this. I remember the very moment that the […]

My Unexpected Foray Into Sports Art

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 Let me start by saying that I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and sports always has beenone of my favorite subjects. Sure, it took a back seat to things like Star Wars, Spider-Man & The Dukes of Hazzard for a while in my grade school years, but once I […]

Drawing on a Love of Star Wars
(My Mighty Beanz Story)

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I was just six years old in 1977 when Star Wars first exploded onto movie screens across the country and took us all to a “galaxy far far away”. Like most six years olds and just about everyone else, I became obsessed with all things Star Wars. It was one of my earliest subjects as […]

Where to Start?

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Welcome: Hello blogosphere and welcome to my first blog entry. My name is David E. Wilkinson. I am an artist with more than sixteen years of experience. In running my own agency called The Drawing Board Art Studio I have worked for some of the biggest names in toys, entertainment and sports. Some of my […]

Working with Brian Propp
(1987 Stanley Cup Finals, a Time to Remember)

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A few months back, I was fortunate to come in contact with Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Famer & NHL great Brian Propp. Brain played eleven seasons of his fifteen year NHL career with the Philadelphia Flyers. One of the most memorable and successful seasons he had during his years in Philadelphia was in 1987 where […]