Hey Doll! Helping "Linda From Mayfair"

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94WIP Linda from Mayfair Fundraiser Table photoOn May 9th 2011 Glen Macnow, Anthony Gargano and the rest of the generous folks at 94WIP (Formerly 610WIP) along with Chickie & Pete’s held a fundraising even for a regular caller known as “Linda from Mayfair” who is battling breast cancer. The event was held at the Chickie and Pete’s location on Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia.

When I first heard of the event I contacted WIP and offered 16×20 canvas prints of both my Ron Hextall Scores and Roy Halladay images. Although it is tough to tell how much each sold for, it is fair to say both bags were full of tickets, each paid for in an effort to win the prints.

I was honored to be part of the event and to have had the opportunity to meet Glen, Anthony and so many of the WIP family. I am always so happy to contribute to good causes such as this that go to help both good people and organizations. It thrills me to know that my God given talent can make a difference even if it is a small one in the grand scheme of things. I am continually humbled by people’s generosity who not only come out to these events but choose to bid on my work.

I am happy to say that Glen and I have stayed in touch. I went on to create a caricature for him which I wanted to share as well.Glen Macnow Caricature Art by David E. Wilkinson


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