Motley Crue: Nikki Sixx

There are few bands in my lifetime that grabbed my attention and sparked my imagination like KISS but Motley Crue was one of them. As KISS was taking their makeup and costumes off in the early 80’s, Motley Crue was putting theirs on and picking up where KISS left off.

From the moment I saw them on MTV back when MTV still played music videos I was immediately hooked. My school locker was filled with their images as was my bedroom walls. I wore studded leather bracelets to school along with my fingerless leather gloves with “Crue” written on them.

So, it seemed only appropriate that I follow up my KISStory series with a Motley Crue series and their is no era of Motely Crue that is more quintessential than the “Shout At The Devil” Era.

This Nikki Sixx portrait will be the first of four as I plan on completing the entire band in the same style so stay tuned Crue Fans. More to come.

I hope you like this one!

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